Connect your data across tools for better workflows

Increase efficiency and improve the supporter experience for core workflows like fundraising, volunteer management and communication.

  • Without Bluelink

    Teams often download, modify, and upload files by hand. Lacking a view of users across tools costs time and money. Supporters don’t feel seen because they’re asked to donate right after they donated or texted a voter ID question when they’ve already volunteered.

  • With Bluelink

    It’s easy to move data between your tools. Your supporters’ experience is in line with ecommerce where an item you clicked follows you around the internet for weeks.

How Does It Work?

Connect two tools to text your donors a quick thank you.

  • #1 Choose the source system (e.g., donation app)
  • #2 Choose the destination system (e.g., texting app)
  • #3 Choose how often the data gets synced (e.g., every 15 min)

It's Your Data

  • Your data pipeline lives in an isolated google cloud container.
  • We encrypt your data and make sure it gets to your destination.
  • We never merge or share your data with anyone.


We support the following systems and are adding more all the time. It takes 1-2 weeks to build, test, and launch an integration based on a well defined use case. Get in touch about high value use cases.


Access donation information.

Alloy Verify

Check that newly registered voters appear on state rolls.


Get data about vote by mail and plans to vote.


Connect to Google Cloud Platform's database.

Blue State Digital

Get access to contributions and signups.

Bluelink Messenger

Push lists and get data about peer to peer conversations.


Connect to Amazon's database.


Send custom audiences and get ads data exports.


Move GSheets data and map the fields to the destination.


Send email addresses and tags to send email campaigns.

Mobilize America

Access events, RSVPs, statuses, and related information.


Create/update user data, survey questions, and more.

PDI (Political Data Inc.)

Get data from and send results to Voter CRM PDI.


Push lists to digital organizing tools.


Send and receive data from the CRM platform.


Drive follow up and engagement on voter registration.


Push lists to online organizing tools.


Send data to a fundraising CRM.

Send data to print personalized postcards/letters.

Formidable Forms

Pull data from Wordpress web forms.

Engineers build product not pipes

  • Integrate once to publish and subscribe to data from multiple systems.
  • Rely on a common data model for actions (donations, events, outreach, etc.) whether it comes from one donation tool or another. You can still get all the raw data if needed.
  • Eliminate the maintenance for your integrations and focus on your core product. Don’t worry when the Facebook API changes.

Monthly Pricing


  • Up to 3 Pipelines


  • Additional Pipelines: 4-20

$Contact Us

  • 20+ Pipelines
A Pipeline is a source, a destination, and the API keys that connect them.

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