Peer to Peer Messaging

Recruit volunteers and mobilize voters with our P2P texting platform.

Send templated texts to any contact list.

Keep the same local number across texting campaigns to build relationships with voters and volunteers.

Sync lists, activist codes, survey questions, events, and opt outs between NGP VAN tools and Bluelink Messaging.

Monthly Pricing

Every month the client will either receive an invoice or be charged on the payment method on file.

Each subscription plan, above pay-as-you-go, requires a 3-month minimum commitment at the monthly volume or higher. Unused messages rollover month to month. Messages that exceed the monthly amount will be billed to the client at the discounted per message rate.



  • Per 1,000 Texts
Message Rollover
5% off


  • 50,000 TEXTS
Message Rollover
7% off


  • 100,000 Texts
Message Rollover
12% off


  • 250,000 Texts
Message Rollover
15% off

$Contact Us

  • 250,000+ Texts
Message Rollover

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