Connect your tool to the rest of the political ecosystem

With one connection, enable your customers to sync data with all the systems used by progressive campaigns and organizations, improving their return on their investment in you.

Engineers build product not pipes

  • Integrate once to publish and subscribe to data from multiple systems.
  • Rely on a common data model for actions (donations, events, outreach, etc.) whether it comes from one donation tool or another. You can still get all the raw data if needed.
  • Eliminate the maintenance for your integrations and focus on your core product. Don’t worry when the Facebook API changes.

How do I connect to Bluelink?

  • We can connect to existing APIs, give you templates if you plan to build some and want a starting place or provide endpoints to push data to us.
  • Daily CSV or other formats written to S3, Google Storage or even direct database access all also work.
  • We get and send data just about every way imaginable, so we will partner with you to figure out what is best for your needs.

Secure Data at Scale

  • Each client data pipelines live in an isolated google cloud containers.
  • We store all the API keys or tokens so you don't have to, encrypted with keys stored in a Hardware Security Module.
  • Built to scale, we can move one record or one million records without issue.

How can we help?

Bluelink by Civitech connects your data across multiple software programs. We support progressive campaigns and organizations by helping build long-term data infrastructure that is reliable, secure and affordable.

We believe that non-technical users should be able to automatically move data without having to download, modify and upload files to the next system.

If you’d like to learn more about Bluelink, send us a message!